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Posted: January 18, 2017

Selena Quintanilla, P!nk, Matthew McConaughey, Priyanka Chopra

By @JennyLeeRadio

It was announced this week that a new TV series about Selena Quintanilla is in the works! An investigative journalist spent many years conducting interviews and researching Selena's death to publish a book called El Secreto de Selena, and now that book is being turned into a TV series. The series will supposedly be very revealing and will tell a story DIFFERENT than the one popularized.

"Selena was not as happy as many thought. She was living through a tumultuous moment in her life"

No word yet on a release date. E! Online

P!nk welcomed her son Jameson Moon in December, and her daughter Willow seems to be struggling a little bit with the change. Here’s how P!nk is handling the situation!

  • Matthew McConaughey had to gain 47lbs to play the character of "Kenny Wells" in the movie Gold. He also shaved his head, wore a toupee, and put veneers over his teeth. CLICK HERE TO SEE HIS TRANSFORMATION! This is the first time Matthew McConaughey has gained weight for a role, though he famously lost close to 40lbs for the movie Dallas Buyer's Club. Gold will hit theaters on January 27th. E! Online

Priyanka Chopra was hospitalized last week after falling and getting injured on the set of Quantico. We don't know exactly what she injured, but a spokesperson for Priyanka said it was a minor injury. She returned to work this week after some rest. She once said in an interviews:

"I have to stay super active and agile because I do my own stunts,I do all my fights myself." E! Online

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