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Posted: June 21, 2017

Gal Gadot, Adele, O.J. Simpson

By Lee Jenny and @JennyLeeRadio

There were several reports out yesterday claiming that Gal Gadot only mas $300,000 to play Wonder Woman, but now it appears that many of those reports are not correct. While the specifics of her contract are hard to come by, it seems that she had her salary doubled to at least $600,000 before production began, and with performance bonuses, she has already made well into 7 figures for her role. Deadline

After the huge fire in London claimed 79 lives, Adele made an impromptu visit to the fire department to offer her support:

"She just turned up at the station and knocked on the window and said she has some cakes for us. We opened the door to her and she took her sunglasses off and said: 'Hi, I'm Adele.' Everyone was so shocked." 

O.J. Simpson just got a date set for his parole hearing - July 20th. If set free, he says he looks forward to golfing and spending time with his kids. He is now 70 years old and has served over eight years of his sentence, which is "9-33 years." If he does get parole, he will be set free on October 1st. NBC

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